What Is A Whatsapp Gold ? What Is Whatsapp For Celebrity Only?

By | May 31, 2016

Activate Whatsapp Gold / Get Limited Addition Whatsapp Gold – www.goldenversion.com

Hello Guys and Girls, Today as i was getting tons of emails asking for download links of Whatsapp GOLD. LOL Really Whatsapp GOLD?? I decided to have a look at it and inform you guys what’s true.

You must be hearing The Latest news going viral about New Whatsapp Gold (whatsapp For Celebrity Only).This is the latest scam revolving to fool whatsapp users. It is Not by Official Whatsapp Application.

Download Whatsapp Gold – Whatsapp Golden Version Apk Online

whatsapp Golden versionUsers are tricked by a message that claims that the ‘WhatsApp Gold’ is not available to all users and can be installed only via invitation. It procures that the whatsapp Gold is an exclusive version. The Attraction About The Whatsapp Gold In the Users Is That Massage In Which Some Thing Written That The Whatsapp Gold Is Not Available For All You are Lucky Person and It can Be installed Only Via Invitation By The Whatsapp Gold.

While the message is connected to a website and the users are asked to click on a website Activate Whatsapp Gold – tricking the user to click on to download the Gold version of the app. Downloading the program from the website will infect your phone with malware, which will possibly allow hackers to steal your data and activity.

How To Activate Whatsapp Gold?

The Whatsapp Gold Is Totally Fraud So the activating Process is also Totally Fake So If You also Getting massage To activate Whatsapp golden version @ www.goldenversion.com Then Someone Tries to Made You Fool. It is Just an Hacking Trick.

Yes as you also have probably ancountered some post on whatsapp or facebook telling to go on this website www.goldenversion.com and download Whatsapp GOLD! and again probably i know you have tried downloading it and ended up with some malacious virus.

Features Of Whatsapp Gold – Why It is not available To All The Users ?

  • All in one whatsapp
  • All features now added in one whatsapp (GB, GIO, OSM, Yo, OG Features now Added)
  • Disable voice call
  • Disable voice note
  • Call button hide
  • Add toast if someone writes you
  • Celebrities uses whatsapp gold (truth is celebrities don’t!)
  • Copy status
  • Delete send messages
  • Remove delivered tick

Its also called Whatsapp for Celebrities Only! …..hahaha what a joke :0

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